Cognos 10.1.1 amd MS Sharepoint 2010 Integration

I just finsished the installation and basic configuration of Cognos 10.1.1 (obtained from Deltek with the Costpoint ERP) on a test server . Our company has JUST rolled our Sharepoint 2010. In 2012, I want to try to integrate the two. Any experience/hints/things to watch for/avoid. Best practices. Books/articles to suggest. All appreciated. I also have a new test database sever (MS SQL 2008 R2 Developer on MS Windows Server R2 - both 64 bit) and I saw some conguration options for Sharepoint there. (I know this is a Cognos forum, but it’s all related! ;.) gracias

Start here:

This can also be found in your PDF docs that came with Cognos or you can grab them here:


Thanks Grim,

I’m planning to try this one of these days, and this is a good start! :slight_smile: