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CNC-GEN-2151 An error occurred while extracting the SOAP header from the SOAP en

Does anyone know what is the root cause of this error message please? We are attempting to run a cube build job from Cognos Connection. The job will normally take a few minutes, and now it just fails without any previous warning after 90 minutes with the above error message… ANY HINTS OR TIPS PLEASE? IS this solved in a SP. We are running Cognos 8.3, Vanilla (No SP’s) in windows environment. I can find lots of web pages with the same problem, none with a resolution!!! Thx… SB

CNC-GEN-2151 An error occurred while extracting the SOAP header from the SOAP envelope. CNC-SDS-0390 There was an error when extracting the BiBusHeader. The error is [null].


This error message is some kind of general error… :’(


  1. The 2 errorcodes CNC-GEN-2151 and CNC-SDS-0390 are displayed on your screen, but is there an additional errorcode in the cogserver.log file?
  2. increase the logging level of the job service in the administration segment and run the job again, does it provide more information?
  3. Did you add a new(er) cognos component? BI server is version 8.3 rtm but is transformer (newly) added like 8.3 SP1 by accident? You can check this by checking the c8\instlog directory

please check these points and we go from there! :slight_smile:

I realize this is an incredibly old thread but I could not find a solution. I am getting this error when the scheduler runs a report but it does not occur every time so it is hard to troubleshoot.

I have increased the logging on the service mentioned above and will take a look at the log next time it occurs. Any recommendations?