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CM-REQ-4036 The object already exists at this location

Error logging into Cognos Connection CM-REQ-4159 for some users

Symptom CM-REQ-4159 Content Manager has returned an error in the response header.

Some users can not loging

There are many potential causes for a CM-REQ-4159 error. But often it is caused by the end user’s Cognos 8 BI Reporting Service user profile (located in the content store) is invalid/corrupted.
This is located on the application server, in the installation directory D:\Program Files\cognos\c8\logs\cogserver.log you find something like:

  • Cognos User:g:284adf7539cccef63426198efd234add") | CAMID(“Active Directory - Cognos User:u:907ce71936acde24111048259c6dda”) ) Warning CM-REQ-4036 The object already exists at this location.
    Audit.cms.CM QUERY membership( CAMID(“Active Directory - Cognos User”) | CAMID(“Active Directory - Cognos User:g:0c76ad899a8d1140a2e43867c4c8a310”) | CAMID("Active Directory - Cognos <…>

Recreate the Cognos 8 profile for the corrupt user profile


  1. Launch Cognos Connection (http://servername/cognos8)
  2. Logon as a Cognos 8 BI ‘system Administrator’ or ‘Directory Administrator’
  3. Inside ‘IBM Cognos Administration’, choose the ‘Security’ Tab
  4. Open the external authentication namespace. Note: This will NOT be the built-in ‘Cognos’ namespace!
  5. Select “Tools” then “Directory”
  6. Navigate to locate the corrupt end user profile. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right hand corner to search the user.
  7. Once you have located the username, select “Set properties” icon for the user.
  8. Click on the hyperlink word ‘More’ to the far right of the corrupt user profile line
  9. Click ‘Delete this user’s profile’
  10. Ask the owner of the user profile to logon in Cognos connection and test.