CM.OUTPUTLOCATION option: Excel reports have do not have an XLS extension?


i’m using cognos 8.4 and when i use the CM.OUTPUTLOCATION directive, Excel files are exported as .MHT files (the RSVP.FILE.EXTENSION.XLS directive doesn’t work),

Is there a method was to automatically rename the files to .XLS or solve this another way?

I use windows 2003 and office Excel 2007.


RSVP.FILE.EXTENSION.XLS property works just fine for me with same config as yours: Windows 2003 and Excel 2007. I’m on 8.4. Also, I have 6 dispatchers and what I noticed, when you have multi-server environment, you better use System under Status tab (right lower corner, Setting - System) and NOT Configuration tab and then Dispatchers and Services as it described in this IBM KB, which I’m assuming you aware of: Again, that is my own observation, but hope that help you to accomplish your configuration. Good luck with it!


I found this in my documents on my pc:

Using the following in a CM.OutputScript will automatically rename each .MHT file to .XLS as it is produced.

@echo off
cd x:\{report_location}
ren x:\{report_location}\*.mht *.xls

Create a batch file containing with the above code.
Add the CM.OutputScript directive, pointing to the path containing the script, into the ‘Advanced Settings’ for the Content Manager service.

More detailed instructions for setting the CM.OutputScript parameter can be found in the “Administration and Security Guide” (ug_cra.pdf) shipped with the product, in the chapter entitled “Server Administration”