Cloning Cognos role?

I was wondering if there is a way to make a deep copy of a standard Cognos role. I want to create my own role, but I want to base it on some Cognos role, say “Consumers”.
So, I would like to copy the “Consumers” role into “My Consumers” role - and get identical settings - for all folders, capabilities, sub-capabilities and whatever else was pre-defined for the “Consumers” role. So, if the “Consumers” role , for example, has “Execute” and “Traverse” permissions on the “Schedule By hour” sub-capability, I want my new “My Consumers” role to also get this setting.

Form what I see, when I use the “Copy” action on the role - it creates a new role but only duplicates the membership of the source role, not all the security settings.

Is there a way to make a deep/full copy of a role?


I’m not sure if this is possible…
Maybe with a 3rd party tool like Motio PI (Pro)? I have not tested the latest version yet.

Or if you are handy with coding you might succeed with Cognos SDK. :-\