Hi there!
Here I’m again.
I have a new problem.

I’m trying to create a report which includes a chart.

The structure of the table I’m using is like this:


01 Junior
02 Senior
03 Junior
04 Junior

And I want the chart to return in the X axis the segment description, and in the Y axis the number of people who belongs to each group. The table would be like this:

Junior-> 3
Senior-> 1

THE MAIN PROBLEM is that Cognos Report Studio only alows me to make a chart if the field is a METRIC, but SEGMENT is not, so, how can I do it?

Hope I have explained ok :smiley:


Hi Maria,

In your chart, drag Segment into the Categories (x-axis) area, and drag a Query Calculation into the Series area. Name the calculation PersonCount, and code the expression as count([PERSONCOD] for [SEGMENT])

Hint - when constructing the expression, drag PERSONCOD in from the package, and SEGMENT in from your query.




I’ll try it as soon as they restore the datamart!!!