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Changing the CAMID path in cognos


I am new to cognos so I apologize if this in the wrong location.

My company uses ImageNow which uses Business Insight for reporting which is run on Cognos 8.

I had the report server up and configured when our environment was in test.

I reconfigured cognos and BI for our production environment but when I try to run the integrator I get the error:

“Could not find user with the path: CAMID(“ImageNow:u:301YV27_0139MJNPK00000Z”)”

Now I understand the reason, prior to moving to production the CAMID path was referencing the user ID from the test environment. I am unable to figure out how to “refresh” the profiles in cognos so that the path is referencing the correct userID from the production database. I had deleted and recreated the profile in the cognos administration but this did not correct the path.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

I do not understand your message:

My company uses ImageNow which uses Business Insight for reporting which is run on Cognos 8.

Business Insight was release with Cognos 10?

When you use multiple Cognos environments it is wise to keep the namespace name (for your authentication source) which you configure in Cognos connection the same. This value is used in your CAMID. You called it in at least one environment ImageNow. I believe this value is case sensitive as well!!

NOTE: If you change this value in a working configured Cognos environment and you restart Cognos with the new namespace name all your previous security is gone!

But this way (with the same namespace names) you can deploy Cognos packages with security and no manual adjustments afterwards in the destination environment.

are you using 1 ldap database for the 2 environments? This way the user id’s “301YV27_0139MJNPK00000Z” keeps working.