Changing data source column name linked to a package

What happens if I change the column name of a data source or add a new column in the data source table without changing anything in the package in framework manager. Will this change be automatically reflected in the package ?

The problem in detail is- I want to construct a new report using report studio. For that, i would need a package to work upon. Now the main problem is -Somehow, I dont have framework manager tool access.
I am thinking of a workaround solution-Lets pick an existing package and change the column names of the data source linked to that package,add few more columns in it and also add the data in this table. This way, i shall be working on the existing package. Only thing I am not sure is - Does changing the column names and adding new columns gets reflected in the package automatically??

or - given the constraint that i cant publish a new package, can a new data source be used in report studio?