Change y-axis zero value


Does anyone know how to change a column chart so that the zero value on the y-axis (of say a column chart) can be another number like 1 ? In addition, I want to keep the behavior of the zero value in how it displays the bars. For example, by default, if you have both positive and negative values, the column chart will show the values (bars) above and below the zero value. But, what if you want to show the values above and below another value like 1, instead of zero ? How do you get the chart to behave in the same way as zero where values are displayed above and below 1 (as the baseline)?

Thanks in advance,


Finally figured this out. It involves using a combination chart using the y1 and y2 axis. Basically, you subtract your measure by a value that gets it to display at zero on either the y1 or y2 axis (y2 axis is easier conceptually). Then you set a baseline at the value you want (like 1) on the y-axis. So, the y2 axis will be displaying the “over and under” at the zero value which you can hide from display. The y axis will be showing the value of 1 and it will look like (behave like) it is the zero value on the y-axis where you can display the “over and under” behavior of the column. You also need to manually set the max and min values (properties) and the major interval to match on both sides in terms of the relative ranges.

I will post the graph image when I get a chance.