CFG-ERR-0106 Error When Starting the IBM Cognos 8 Service in IBM Cognos Configuration

CFG-ERR-0106 IBM Cognos Configuration received no response from the IBM Cognos 8 service in the allotted time. Check that IBM Cognos 8 service is available and properly configured.

When you start the IBM Cognos 8 service, receive the error message

There are two possible causes for this problem:
The IBM Cognos 8 service needs more time to start.
A standby Content Manager computer may be configured incorrectly.

The IBM Cognos 8 Service Needs More Time
By default, IBM Cognos Configuration checks the progress of the start request every half second for three minutes. If IBM Cognos Configuration does not receive a response within this time, the error message appears.
To avoid this error, you can change the amount of time that IBM Cognos Configuration waits to receive a response from the IBM Cognos 8 service. You do this by configuring the ServiceWaitInterval and ServiceMaxTries properties in the c8_location/configuration/cogconfig.prefs file.
The ServiceWaitInterval property represents the time interval, in milliseconds, at which IBM Cognos Configuration checks the progress of the start request. By default, its value is 500, which is equivalent to half a second.
The ServiceMaxTries property represents the number of times that IBM Cognos Configuration checks the progress of the start request. By default, its value is 360.

Content Manager Is Configured Incorrectly
If the error message appears on a standby Content Manager computer, the setting for storing the symmetric keys may be incorrect.
To avoid this problem, configure the standby Content Manager computer to store the symmetric keys locally.

Steps to Change the Wait Time
Using IBM Cognos Configuration, stop the IBM Cognos 8 service.
Open the c8_location/configuration/cogconfig.prefs file in an editor.
This file is created automatically the first time you open IBM Cognos Configuration.

Add the following code to the file:
ServiceWaitInterval=number of milliseconds
ServiceMaxTries=number of times
Tip: Add the numeric values that correspond to your configuration needs.
Save the file.
Using IBM Cognos Configuration, start the IBM Cognos 8 service.

Steps to Store Symmetric Keys Locally
On the standby Content Manager computer, start IBM Cognos Configuration.
In the Explorer window, under Security, click Cryptography.
In the Properties window, under CSK settings, set Store symmetric key locally to True.
From the File menu, click Save.
From the Actions menu, click Start.
This action starts all installed services that are not running. If you want to start a particular service, select the service node in the Explorer window and then click Start from the Actions menu.