Cannot locate a package in cognos server

I have a model from from which I’m running dashboard and reports. But now that I need to change for enhancement I can’t locate this model anywhere in the server. We have another project file which I’m thinking could be the area where this small package is hidden but surprisingly server-wide search did not yield any results on the package I need.


Do you have the system administrator permissions on that server? In other words, can it be a security issue, like insufficient permissions on a folder or model?

Thank you CognosGirl, glad to see your response to my thread on being unable to locate the model.

I was thinking on the same line that it is hidden somewhere on the server, but if it was part of a bigger model/project to which I have access to, can a particular object or a smaller model be hidden within Cognos?

I will try to seek admin privileges to see if that is the actual case.

I followed the steps as described on the link below and it recovered the model I was looking for.

Good luck to the people who may require to do if they have the same issue.

thanks to the solution provider whoever he/she is.