Cannot delete macro from the contributor admin console

I created a few macros in planning contributor 8.4 and published them to Cognos Connection. Now i want to delete one of these macros from Cognos Connection and then try to delete the macro from the contributor admin console, i get this error:

"This macro has been published to Cognos Connection and you do not have access to remove the Cognos Connection Planning Macro. "

I am member of the roles system administrators and planing administrators? ???

i have seen this before. :slight_smile:

i solved it by restarting the services on all planning servers and then i was able to delete the macro from the contributor admin console

hope it helps!

I too have seen this before, it happens when an unsupported character such as “&<>/%” etc has been used in a macro name.

If you navigate in Cognos Connection to the “Administration” section, then “Configuration” and “Content Administration” you will find a folder called “Planning” and then “Macros”. Within there you can manually delete the macro from Cognos Connection.

In previous cases this has then allowed me to remove the macro from the Contributor Administration Console.