Cannot create a new blank database using Controller 8.4 FP1 (8.4 FixPack 1)

Customer is using Controller 8.4 Fix Pack 1 (also known as Controller 8.5.429). They wish to create a new blank database.
The system administrator logs onto the Controller application server, and launches 'Controller Configuration'. Administrator opens 'database connections' and creates a new connection to their blank database. However, when the administrator clicks the green 'run' icon (to launch DbConv) the buttons 'Create Database' and 'Run Steps' are greyed out.

By design, Controller 8.4 FP1's DbConv.exe utility cannot be run on a database with a schema version of less than 737. For more information, see separate IBM Technote #1391458.

Resolving the problem
Create a simple installation of Controller 8.4 RTM on a 'temporary' or 'test' PC. Use the version of DbConv.exe which comes with 8.4 RTM to create a blank database, and then 'run steps' to upgrade to version 737. Afterwards, use the version of DbConv.exe which comes with 8.4 FP1 to update this blank database to schema version 764.


1. Logon to a temporary/test PC as an administrator (do not perform these steps on the Controller application server itself)
2. Ensure that .NET Framework 2.0 is installed on the PC. If not, download .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 ("NetFx20SP1_x86.exe") from Simply double-click on the file to install the software.
3. Locate the Controller 8.4 RTM media (for example the extracted file 'cntrl_win32_8.4.27.15_ml.tar.gz')
4. Launch ...\win32\issetup.exe
5. Accept all the default options
6. After the installation, launch 'Controller Configuration' from the start menu
7. Open the section 'database connections' and create a connection to your new/blank database
8. Click the green 'Run' button, to launch 'DbConv'
9. Click the 'Create Database' then 'Run Steps' (as appropriate) to raise the database version from 0 to 737.
10. When finished, close 'Controller Configuration'
11. Logon to the main Controller application server (the server which has Controller 8.4 FP1 installed) as an administrator
12. Launch 'Controller Configuration' from the start menu
13. Inside 'Database Connections', create a connection to your new/blank database
14. Click the green 'Run' button, to launch 'DbConv'
15. Use 'Run Steps' to increase the database schema from 737 to 764

TIP: Whenever creating new/modifying existing database connections, you must remember to:
Click the 'Repair' button inside the 'Report Server' section
Restart the Controller batch service.