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CAM-CRP-1054 No configuration was loaded

When starting the Cognos Services, it fails to start properly.

In Cognos Connection:

  1. CAM-CRP-1054 No configuration was loaded.
    From cbs_run.log:
    INFO t[166c] CBSBootstrapService attempt to load config from "./bootstrap_win32.xml"
    ERROR t[166c] CBSSpawnAction spawn failed, errno: 3
    ERROR t[166c] CBSSpawnAction Spawning child process:
    Path: D:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0\lib/bin/java.exe

The environment variable JAVA_HOME is set and is pointing to an old/invalid/missing installation of Java. If there is no JAVA_HOME variable set, in a Windows environment, Cognos will use the JRE which came with the product.

Depending on setup the use of the JAVA_HOME environment variable is mandatory. This is true for all installs which are not on Windows.


  1. Check if JAVA_HOME is in use verify the path it’s pointing to.
  2. Check if JAVA_HOME is not needed start in a DOS box, Cognos Configuration with the <-java:local> option to force the use of the JRE which came with the product.
  3. Call Cognos Configuration through a batch file which unsets JAVA_HOME prior calling Cognos Configuration.