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CAM-AAA-0203 Unable to generate or validate a userSessionID

If a large number is set for the property ‘Common symmetric key lifetime in days’, the following error messages may appear in the browser, when users try to logon to Cognos 8.
CAM-AAA-0203 Unable to generate or validate a userSessionID.
CAM-AAA-0027 The function call to ‘CAM_GenerateUserSessionID’ failed. Reason: ‘-1’

In Cognos Configuration, ‘Common symmetric key lifetime in days’ specifies the maximum number of days that the CSK is valid. If a too large number is set for this property, error messages like CAM-AAA-0203 and CAM-AAA-0027 may appear in the browser when users trying to log into Cognos 8.

The number specified as ‘Common symmetric key lifetime in days’ is too large.

Decrease the number for the ‘CSK lifetime in days’. In most cases, there is no need of change from the default value: 365.

A certain rule was found during testing on 8.4.1: ‘the date when csk is generated’ minus ‘CSK lifetime in days’ must be equal or greater than ‘01/01/1970’.

Hi Martijin,
Do you have any idea what is the maximum days we can specify instead of 365 days?
If we have 365 days then we have to renew it every year that why we want to change it.


Normally i like to set it to 3 - 5 years. During this time you have probably upgraded or migrated the Cognos servers. In a situation like this i recreate the cryptographic keys and set the value to 1200-1600. But if you like 2000 better, feel free :wink: