CAM-AAA-0071 - found a possible solution

Hi There,
We have experience a long time the error CAM-AAA-0071. I tried a lot of things. It’s a general error.
I Found the following (with thanks from my collegue Kasper)

. HeapDecommitFreeBlockTreshold=REG_DWORD 0x00040000

And there is a bug in the AMD processors with windows server 2003

I’ll discovered that when I rebooted a dispatcher I pinged the server and saw long response time (1152 ms and negative respons -18ms)

It’s a know bug and the solutions was a parameter in the boot.ini.


And now my connection portal is oke.

Maybe it’s a tip for some of us.

with regards.

Nico Raspoort

Thanks Nico!

the setting did the trick for me!!

You earned a karma point! :slight_smile:

hi toothlessharry

Thanks for the complement. I do my very best of knowing the enviroment of Cognos.

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