CAM-AAA-0064 and CAM-AAA-0154 Unable to load the Java Authentication provider


I am currently in the process of configuring cognos 8 for the use of Cognos Consumer Insight.
I am at the final pages of the installation and configuration guide and I am stuck at “Adding a namespace for your tenant”.

I completed the following steps:
3. Explorer > Security > right-click Authentication > New Resource > Namespace
4. Name box: dpd1 (context root for the tenant dpd1 I added)
5. Type box: Custom Java Provider
6. Namespace ID: dpd1
7: Java Class Name:
8: File > Save

When starting up Cognos after this configuration I receive the following errors:
“COM-AAA-0064 The function ‘CAM_AAA_JniAuthProvider::Configure’ failed.”
“COM-AAA-0154 Unable to load the Java authentication provider class ‘’”

Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Kind regards,
Tom Cuypers

Hi Tom,

is there a reason why you use the java custom provider?
Can’t you use a ldap or active directory? This is much more straight forward.

for the java customer provider you have to code.
Under [cognos installation dir]\sdk\java\AuthenticationProvider is a sdk sample… :-\ this might help you to get started

Thank you for your reply.

I am using a custom provider because that is instructed in the installation guide. I don’t seem to have the directory “sdk” in my installation path, though.

Which installation guide are you using?

You can choose from a few authentications sources, like Acitive directory, NTLM, Series 7 namespace, LDAP version 3 and also Java Authentication.

If your company is using a LDAP you can use this for user authentication.