CAM-AAA-0045 and Invalid DN syntax

Hi all,

i have a configuration issue on my hand… It is a tivoli directory server and i am using cognos 8.4 Bi server. I configured the LDAP connection and:

  1. I can log in :wink:
  2. I see all objects in the LDAP tree in Cognos connection.

But somehow the members of the groups i attached to the internal cognos roles does not work correctly… Every logged in user is only member of everyone and authenticated users, but not to the role they have been assigned to…?!?

When i do a user lookup i get the message underneath:

QUERY GROUP /Directory/XXX/Groups/Roles/Consumers cmNameSpaceQueryErr
CM-REQ-4049 An error occurred while accessing a security system.
CAM-AAA-0045 The call to the LDAP function ‘doLDAPSearch_s’ returned with the error code: ‘34’.
Invalid DN syntax

Please advise! :-\

Hi Guru,

looks to me that you are not using the fully qualified DN. As bind user you have something like:
What you should try is the following syntax:
uid=binduser, ou=people, dc=yourcompany, dc=com

Also check if the binduser has correct permissions, like reading and browsing through the tree where your users and groups are located.