Is it possible to have more than one type of calendar? For example, we have academic data that is based on weeks and semesters (sort of like quarters). Can we display financial data also, in the same score cards? Financial data is based on a financial year, and divided up into months.

Would it be possible, if we have already defined a calendar as year, month, quarter (in other words, taking the defaults) can we also go back and add weeks to that calendar?

Thanks again,


No i don’t think so… :frowning:

The calender is created during initialization of the metric store tables. I may work if you create a calender Y-Q-M-W-D and only load for example Y-M-W.
Just save the metric designer model and initialize the current metric store (you lose all data!!) or create a new metric store with the correct calender.

I never tried multiple calenders in metric studio but i guess it is possible…