Calculating Percentage for Each Value of a DataItem in Report Studio Crosstab

I am trying to calculate percentage for each value of a data item in a Report Studio Crosstab. In my particular instance I have a field named [Visit Status] which has 4 values (CHK, CANC, N/S, R/S) and have a Crosstab setup which creates a column for each value. For example the Crosstab might have value of CHK =8, CANC=1, N/S =2, R/S =1. I can run a calculation to get the total count (12).

See attached jpg screenshot of crosstab.

My problem is that I need to create a calculate value (in a new column) for CHK/TOTAL or 8/12. The value for CHK (8) is not a value from a field, it is a count value generated by the Crosstab itself. So how to I refer to that value in a calculation.

Terry Hoffer
RiverStone Health
Billings, MT