Calculated Data Item

Hi to all,

We want to be able to calulate [SALES] of a certain sub-department divided over the total of that DEPARTMENT.

We need to have this done dynamically depending on the values of the SUB-DEPARTMENT and DEPARTMENT parameters choosen by the user.

Is this possible or not ? This is what i think might do what i want but can’t seem to make it work correctly:

currentMember ( [Cube_Sales].[ProductDimension].[Produit_Level] )
parent ( currentMember ([Cube_Sales].[ProductDimension].[Produit_Level] )

Thanks !

Hi to all,

With the help of IBM support i found out that this is how the expression in my Data Item needs to look like:

(tuple ( [Cube_Sales].[ProductDimension].[Produit_Level] ->?pVision?, [Sales] ) /
tuple ( parent ( [Cube_Sales].[ProductDimension].[Produit_Level] ->?pVision?), [Sales] ) ) *100

The important portion of this expression is the parent() function.

Thanks anyhow !