Calculated columns in Crosstab Report with source as cubes

Our report is a cross tab report having three months(Latest,Previous month and Sameperiod Last Year) columnswise and have some 9 measures as rows.Source of report is Cubes

This cross tab report is formed by union of three queries :each monthly filter(Latest,Previous month and Sameperiod Last Year) is applied on each of the query

Now we have additional reqt of adding two columns(1.% change between Latest and previous period,
2. % change between Latest and Same periodlast Year)

Now i tried to create three data items for each month on crosstab using dimensinal fns:closing period,opening period
so that we could make the difference between two data items to get % change column

It’s validating successfully .but while running, it’s giving error like this OP-ERR-0107 The dimensions on the edge are inconsistent. A dimension of valueSet=“1” is not the leaf on the first path.

Kindly could anyone please help with this issue


i have seen this error message once before but with a framework model…

I did fix this problem by manually specifying the aggregate property to ‘Total for all Query Items’ in the report. It seemed that the aggregate properties of the Query Items were not inherited correctly from the Framework Manager model.

Viewing the Tabular data was working fine, but the report failed.

hope this points you to the correct direction… :-[

good luck