Blank window after upgrade to 8.4.1 and IE8


since we have upgraded to the above mention releases, I’ll get an empty window if I open a report with Report Studio.
In previous versions I was able to change the security settings for the portal (e.g. Intranet), but now it seems to not working anymore.

Any idea?


Try these steps if you are having problems getting your Cognos reports to load or run in Internet Explorer (IE):

  1. Ensure Popup blockers are not enabled
  2. Ensure automatic prompting for file downloads is enabled:
    a. On your Internet Explorer (IE) browser go to Tools > Internet Options > Security
    b. Select Local intranet
    c. Click Custom Level
    d. Scroll to Downloads section and ensure Automatic prompting for file downloads is enabled
    e. Repeat for Internet and Trusted sites
  3. Add Cognos Web server to trusted sites:
    a. IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security (tab) > Trusted Sites > Sites
    b. Add Cognos Web server
    c. Note: You May need to clear the Require server verification checkbox
  4. The Do not save encrypted pages to disk box should NOT be checked:
    a. IE > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced (tab) > Security (section)
  5. Ensure that xls files are associated with Excel®:
    a. IE > Tools > Folder Options > File types
  6. Ensure Rely on CSS for font formatting is checked in Excel:
    a. Excel > Tools > Options > General > Web Options (button) > Browser (tab)
  7. Clear temporary internet files:
    a. IE > Tools > Internet Options > General (tab) > Delete files.
  8. Check to see if any add-ons are causing a problem:
    a. IE > Tools > Manage Add-ons
    b. Disable all the add-ons (hopefully, there are not many)
    c. Check to see if this fixes the problem
    d. If problem is fixed, then start re-enabling add-ons, one at a time, to see which one caused the problem
    e. If problem is not fixed, re-enable all that were disabled

I tried everything, but nothing seems to work. :’(
I’ll create PMR at Cognos, maybe they can fix it.
I was able to get rid of this with 8.4 and lower and IE7, but not yet. Strange :-[

Thanks for answering


please let us know if you find a solution ! ;D

… what can I say, I have logged a SR at IBM Cognos support and the replied that it is a bug. :frowning:

Sorry no positive answer.


hmmm i’m interested in the bug then… i have 8.4.1 FP2 installed and tested this with IE6, IE8 and firefox 3.6 but the studio’s open without any issues. Can you tell me what IBM considers to be the bug?

Btw. what is the workaraound/solution IBM offered you? Upgrade to 10.1 ? :o

thx! :wink:

To automatically close the additional popup window that opens every time Report studio is opened:

1.Go to \appserver\c8\webcontent\pat folder
2.In the pat folder, locate rsapp.htm and make a copy of this file as a backup.
3.Open rsapp.htm in any editor preferably HTML editor and scroll to the bottom of this file.
4.The last line reads

5.Add a new line before this line, 6.Paste the following text on this 2nd last line which is empty right now 7.Save the rsapp.htm.

Yes this works fo me! :smiley:

Thanks Crystal i give you a karma point.