BIBus Protocol - (BiBusPr)


BIBus Protocol - (BiBusPr)


Cognos 8 components communicate with each other, and with any additional applications integrated with Cognos 8, using the BI Bus protocol. The BI Bus is an open, fully documented, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) API, that supports WSDL (Web Services Definition Language), providing platform-independent access to all Cognos 8 functionality.

The BI Bus Protocol is a communication mechanism and set of protocols for interprocess component communication that uses SOAP over HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol). The Bi Bus protocol is not a software component like Content Manager or Report Server and is not to be confused with the BiBusTKServerMain process.

Access to the BI Bus protocol (API) is available to SDK developers in Java, .Net & Visual Basic programming environments. You need a SDK developers kit license to develop additional tools.

The BI Bus API provides application developers with the ability to:

- log in and out using a third-party security provider or a custom authentication provider to establish a security context for applications
- manage users, groups, and roles
- apply policies to control access to objects in the content store
- grant capabilities to allow specified users, groups, or roles to use specific functionality

Using any compliant toolkit, the BI Bus can be integrated with other software applications, Web portals and so on.