Best way to publish a portal?

Just after some advice as to the best way to publish a portal to the business?

Once a user has connected to Cognos, a profile is created for them, which means that “default profile” changes have no bearing on them. I can think of ways of publishing a portal - either manually add it to their profile, or just go up to their desk and add it there. Seems a reasonable approach for me as I only need to publish it out to about 4 people, but it got me thinking…what if I had to publish a new portal to the whole company? That would be painful!

Is there an automated approach to publishing a portal to a group of people??

Yes, with default functionality you can only set default tabs for NEW users. :’(
To add/remove tabs for existing users it’s one-at-a-time. There are third party tools to do it, like the Cognos SDK or MetaManager, but Cognos should provide this as default functionality i would say…

To set what a NEW user would get, go to security, go into the Cognos namespace, find the little ID icon in the upper right - ‘edit default user profile’. You can set Preferences and Portal tabs. Don’t forget that you’d have to have set up the tabs to have some appropriate security like “everyone” or “all authenticated users” or else new people will get an Access error the first time they log in.

If there is a better way i’m interested as well!

Yeah, that was how I did it but obviously this didn’t pass through to everyone (i.e. to existing users). Would also interested :wink:

I agree with you. Cognosshould give the functionality as bundle.
just fyi… there is a third party tool which will help in acheving this is Motionpio.
Try that tool