Batch reports

I have a really big database so the reports I’m creating are going to be slow.
I would like that the reports I’ve made were executed once a week (fridays) in order that the final user could see them on Monday executed and he doesn’t have to wait for the report to be executed.
The main problem is that I have one report but there has to be “n” executions depending on the number of new products during the week. How can I tell Cognos to execute each report? And were does Cognos save these results?

Thaaaaaaaank you vvvery much!

Hi Maria,

You can set up a Job within Cognos Connection to handle the execution of multiple reports. You can then schedule the job to run at an appropriate point. The job can be configured to run and save/email/print your report outputs. If you choose the option to save them, the outputs will be written back to the Cognos 8 content store database by default (although the Administrator has the option to enable saved outputs to be written to a folder structure on the network too).



A little late, but I think MFGF missed a little detail from Maria question: that “n” executions dependency there… This true candidate for “Event Studio” which can trigger reports base on new products during the week, not just a regular Cognos job that can execute number of reports at certain time. Hope this will give you more option to think about it… ::slight_smile: