Automatic option selection for prompt components “Properties of Select & Search Prompt”

The prompt select and search components have a set of options to perform searches:


To solve the issue mentioned in the title you need to insert in the report a JavaScript code to let it choose by default one of the four options.

Please follow these steps:

1- Select a name for the component such as “search_request” (you can change it but you need to modify the JavaScript code).

2- The component from step 1 must be enclosed by two HTML elements.

The first one contains the code:

The second one contains the code:

/* Select and search options

* 2 - Starts with any of these keywords * DEFAULT

* 3 - Starts with the first keyword and contains all of the remaining keywords

* 4 - Contains any of these keywords

* 5 - Contains all of these keywords



3 - In the line: document.getElementById('search_request').getElementsByTagName('input')[4].click();

you can choose the default option that will be selected by modifying the number between closed brackets.