Auto Submit and Cascade and Display Value

I know I’ve done this before but now I don’t remember what I did…

I have a prompt value, Department , which is a drop down value prompt.

In the query for his prompt, I added Department Namefrom a joined table in the framework.

In the properties of the prompt, I have Use Value set to Department and
Display Value set to Department Name

I need this field to auto-submit. It has a Cascading Source, Fiscal Year.
It also has a prompt after it, Approp, which needs to auto-load based on the Departments… so Department needs to auto-submit.

If I have Display Value set to Department, it will auto-submit when I select the Dept value and the Approp field comes live.
However, when I set Display Value to Department Name, the auto-submit no longer happens and Approp doesn’t come live.

If any of you guys know why it won’t auto-submit when the Department Name is the Display Value… I’d love to hear! :slight_smile:


when you say does not come alive, you mean: the cascading prompt remains empty? or does not show at all?

and what is the relation between Department and Department Name?

Department is the code… like 100
Department is the name, like Department of Natural Resources

When I select Department, the prompt page doesn’t auto-submit, so the following prompt, which has Department as it’s cascading source, remains grayed out. :frowning:

The problem with having the prompts on the same page is in identifying when you have finished selecting items and want to submit. I’m assuming the prompts are Value prompts? If you select the first one of these, you will see a property called ‘Auto Submit’ - the idea is that if you set this to ‘Yes’, as soon as you select a value from the prompt the value will be automatically submitted, and the next prompt list will be populated. However, this cannot be set to ‘Yes’ unless the ‘Multi Select’ property is set to ‘No’, because it will submit after the first value is selected.

If you want to be able to select more than one value from the first prompt then submit these in order to populate the second prompt, leave ‘Auto Submit’ as ‘No’, ‘Multi Select’ as ‘Yes’ and from the toolbox, drag in a prompt button and drop it after your first prompt. In the properties of the button, set the ‘Type’ property to a value of ‘Reprompt’, then to relabel the button, drop a text item directly on top of it. This should now mean that the users can select the desired items from the first prompt then press the button to get the relevant list in the second prompt.

Okay thanks… I understand that part I believe…

I don’t have a multi-select prompt, though. Just a Value Prompt to get a single value.

I’ve been playing with it more and I think I understand more of the problem… but I have to work on something else for a bit, I’ll reply more later. :stuck_out_tongue: