Authenticate cognos user with a relational database schema

Hi, i am a newbie to cognos. I am tasked to install and configure cognos 10 for a school environment, and base on what i am able to achieve, draw up a proposal for the school.

I have successfully installed and configured cognos 10 on a windows 7 enterprise edition 64bit OS and IIS configured for using ISAPI. I also configured ldap namespace to allow user to be authenticated against Active directory. However, i am further tasked to explore if it is possible to authenticate users against a relational database schema for e.g ORACLE - COGNOS_USER table with firstName, lastName, userName, password and role as attributes. Is that possible? If it is, can some1 guide me?

I do not know which source should i choose:
Active Directory Server
IBM Cognos Series 7
Custom Authentication Provider
eTrust SiteMinder

i am guessing Custom Authentication provider but after researching totally no idea how it works.

May i ask WHY you want to do this?
What is the reason for this requirement?

[quote=“MartijnC, post:2, topic:658”]May i ask WHY you want to do this?
What is the reason for this requirement?[/quote]

The reason being able to authenticate against a relational database, we will be able to make use of existing User information in our infrastructure. And this allow us to be platform independent. For e.g, if i choose AD i must use Microsoft.

Anyway, just a side track, do you or anyone has a installation guide for installing and configuring cognos 10.1.1 on a linux machine? Quite urgent. My supervisor want me to have cognos on both windows and linux.


I did send you a email with the steps.


[quote=“MartijnC, post:4, topic:658”]I did send you a email with the steps.

Thank you so much:) greatly appreciated. i will try it out, if i face any difficulty installing, your valuable help is most wanted:)