Article: How to export the settings stored inside Controller Configuration

During an upgrade from Cognos Controller 8.x to 8.y, many of the settings (stored inside Controller Configuration) are lost during the uninstallation. Therefore, after the new Controller software has been installed, many of these settings must be manually re-typed in.


The traditional method for exporting (taking a backup) of the Controller server's settings is summarized:

1. Export the settings inside "Cognos Configuration" using the built in 'export' functionality
2. Create a series of print screens of the settings inside "Controller Configuration", and paste them into a document (for referral afterwards).

Although the second method works well, there is an extra method to achieve step 2. The following script demonstrates how to create and use a batch file to automatically export all the settings stored inside 'Controller Configuration' to a series of text files.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that customers/consultants use both methods to export/backup the Controller Configuration settings. This minimizes the risk of any settings being lost during the upgrade process.

Automated Method:

1. Create a batch file (for example called 'mkctrlconfbup.bat')
2. Copy and paste the following into this batch file:

REM Copy the file to the C8 location
REM Double-click to run this batch file
REM The current settings will then be exported into a subfolder
REM of c8 such as "ctrl_backup_SERVERNAME_Administrator"
REM IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you *also* take print screens of all current
REM configuration details in addition to running this batch file, to be double-sure.

set bup=ctrl_backup_%COMPUTERNAME%_%USERNAME%
mkdir %bup%

copy cmplst.txt %bup%

mkdir %bup%\data
copy data\*.udl %bup%\data

mkdir %bup%\DMData
copy DMData\*.udl %bup%\DMData

mkdir %bup%\ControllerProxyServer
copy ControllerProxyServer\Web.config %bup%\ControllerProxyServer
copy ControllerProxyServer\import.config %bup%\ControllerProxyServer

mkdir %bup%\webcontent\ccr
copy webcontent\ccr\ccr.exe.config %bup%\webcontent\ccr\ccr.exe.config

regedit /E %bup%\HKLM_SW_VBsettings_FrangoController_Shares.reg.txt "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VB and VBA Program Settings\FrangoController\Shares"
regedit /E %bup%\HKLM_SW_VBsettings_FrangoController.reg.txt "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VB and VBA Program Settings\FrangoController"

%SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\caspol -lg > %bup%\caspol_groups.txt

cd bin
call cogconfig.bat -e ..\%bup%\conf_exp_bup.xml
echo %errorlevel%
cd ..

copy cmplst.txt %bup%


3. Copy the batch file to the C8 installation directory
4. Run this batch file (for example double-click on C:\Program Files\cognos\c8\mkctrlconfbup.bat)
The current settings will then be exported into a subfolder of c8, similar to: upgr_ctrl__backup_SERVERNAME_Administrator