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Article: DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error

When Installing Cognos BI 8.2 or 8.3 you will encounter the following message during startup

[Archive Local File System Root]
1. Since the value is empty, the feature is disabled. There is nothing to test.

[Start Service]
1. 13:35:14, 'LogService', 'StartService', 'SUCCESS'.
2. 13:35:14, 'LogService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
3. 13:35:22, 'AuditDatabaseConnection', 'Execute', 'Success'.
4. 13:35:21, CM-SYS-5159 Content Manager is running in active mode.
5. 13:35:21, 'ContentManagerService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
6. 13:35:22, DPR-DPR-1002 Successfully registered the dispatcher
http://localhost:9300/p2pd in Content Manager.
7. 13:35:23, 'com.cognos.pogo.monitoring.jmx.PogoMBeanServer', 'pogo', 'Failure'.
DPR-DPR-1035 Dispatcher detected an error.
8. 13:35:27, 'ReportDataService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
9. 13:35:27, 'PresentationService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
10. 13:35:27, 'DataMovementService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
11. 13:35:27, 'ReportService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
12. 13:35:27, 'BatchReportService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
13. 13:35:27, 'AgentService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
14. 13:35:27, 'SystemService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
15. 13:35:28, 'MonitorService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
16. 13:35:28, 'DeliveryService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
17. 13:35:27, 'EventService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
18. 13:35:27, 'JobService', 'StartService', 'Success'.
19. 13:35:28, 'CPS Producer Registration Service', 'StartService', 'Success'.

This is a known issue and can be ignored because if you look in the administration console in Cognos connection you will see that the datamovement service is up and running. There is no fix in 8.3. In Cognos 8.4 this product issue is fixed.