Administration tool Motio PI 2.0 questions

Hi all,

who has experience with Motio PI where you get more insight about the permissions and content of the content store??

I tried Motio PI 2.0 and had some questions about some options. I tried them all and it seems OK to me, but i am looking for a help file or document which can explain the definitions and behavior.

like: what does " cache 213 miss 234" in the bottom mean when i submit my request on the content tab?? :frowning: errors in my content?

Hope someone can help me!

There really aren’t any help files or documents for definitions/usage of PI, but each panel has a brief overview of how to use it and the basic information related to that particular query or panel.

As for the cache statements, PI uses a caching system to attempt to minimize SDK calls and speed up performance. All queries attempt to find a match in the cache first, and if that is successful, it uses the found object. Otherwise it makes the SDK call required to fetch that object and then puts it in the cache for the next time that object is needed. This is the cache (matches) and miss (required SDK calls) statistics at the bottom of the program and does not indicate any error in your content.

If you have any more questions about functionality, feel free to send an email to and we’ll do our best to help you out.

I have playing around with some settings i think i get it except…

When i use validation for reports i get sometime “failed” with an error code like this

Status: Failed Severity Level: Contains errors [error] RSV-VAL-0010 Failed to load the report specification. CCL_ASSERT_NAMED(m_bAllRowsOptimization == FALSE, "The master dataset cannot be re-used for a second iterator if AllRows optimization was applied when the query was executed.");

but sometimes a ‘failed’ without an error code?.. :’(

Status: Failed Severity Level:

What is happening?


This could be the result of a request timing out, but this situation should also be handled properly in your version.

Of course, our local testing is slightly limited and it’s helpful to hear issues that real users are running into. If you don’t mind, can you attempt to reproduce this issue (due to the WebStart setup you should always be running the latest version of the application) and if you can still see this issue please send your log files to The logs can be found from the menu (Help > Show Log will open the log file in your default text editor) or in your Application Data folder (on Windows, it’s in your User folder > Application Data > Motio PI > Logs) This will help us determine if it is an issue on our end or some environment-specific issue that we can assist you in fixing.