Add a description in Analysis Studio Information Pane

Hi All,

How can i add information in the Information Pane of Analysis Studio to display a detailed description of a measure for end users to view. The data source for the package is a Cognos Power Cube. Can this also be done for a relational datasource?

thx :slight_smile:

The description for the measure needs to be added to the description property of the measure in the PowerPlay Transformer model.

  1. Open the model in Power Play Transformer
  2. Right click on the measure and select the properties
  3. Select the description tab
  4. Type in the information that you wish to see in the Analysis Studio information pane
  5. Rebuild the cube.

Now you must see the descriptions for your measures! :slight_smile:

I do not know how to do this for a relational datasource…

If by a Relational Datasource you mean DMR (Dimensionally Modelled Relational) objects in Framework Manager, then you should be able to add descriptions for each measure for each language supported in your model.

To do this in Framework Manager:

  1. Select the relevant measure from the tree pane on the left
  2. At the top of the Properties window, click on the Language tab
  3. For each included language, enter a Description
  4. Republish your package.