Active X error received when running Transformer API compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio

How can I resolve the following error received when running a compiled transformer application ?

Error "Active X can't create the object".

The error "Active X can't create the object" is a Microsoft generated error.

The IBM Cognos BI Transformer application is a 32 Bit application, and building and running for these in a 64 Bit Server environment requires special settings in the Microsoft Visual Studio's when the application is build and subsequently run.

The most common problem is building the application with the compile setting of X64 for the Target CPU in the studio.
This forces the application to be a 64 Bit application , it will compile without an error, but it no longer can work with IBM Cognos BI Transformer dll's which is a 32 bit based.

By setting the studio to output of a X86, a 32 bit application is being build and this will work fine on a 64 Bit Server environment.

Steps :
Right click 'YourApplication' -> select 'Properties' -> select 'Compile' tab -> 'Advanced Compiler Setting' -> set Target CPU to X86.