Active Directory Configuration with Cognos 10.2

I have just now installed Active Directory Domain Services onto our Windows 2008 R2 Edition Server.
FQDN = ad.local
User = ad.local\Administrator
Pswd = AXSphy@1
Physical Server Static IP:

Now, I am trying to configure this Active Directory in Cognos 10.2

In Cognos Configuration Manager > Authentication, I have done the following:

Created New Namespace = AD
Namespace ID = AD
Host and port =
Binding Credentials UserID: ad.local\Administrator
Binding Credential Pswd: AXSphy@1
Time out in seconds = -1
Size limit = -1

Under AD, I have set “Restrict Access to members of the huilt-in namespace” to TRUE.

Under Cognos, i.e. the default namespace, I have set “Allow anonymous access” to FALSE.

When I Test the AD namespace, I get the following error messages:

[ ERROR ] CAM-AAA-0146 The namespace ‘AD’ is not available.
[ ERROR ] CAM-AAA-0064 The function ‘Configure’ failed.
[ ERROR ] CAM-AAA-0089 The provider is not initialized.
[ ERROR ] ADSI Error HRESULT Returns:
ADSI Error:

System Error:
The server is not operational.

[ ERROR ] CAM-AAA-0124 The Active Directory function call to ‘getDomainTreesTopology’ failed.

Any suggestions/advice will be highly appreciated.

Thanks n Regards

Hi All,

My problem is fixed now.

Actually, our Cognos server was not able to ping the Active Directory server. So, we had to add the Cognos server to the domain on the Active Directory server. One of my colleagues just entered the Active Director server IP into the DNS server address in the TCP/IP properties of the Cognos server and then made the Cognos server a member of the Active Directory domain. Thanks to him. Its working now.


Thanks n Regards

Thanks for sharing this solution! :slight_smile: