Accessing Content Store From Framework Manager


  Wondering if anyone out there has created a package that sources the content store ?  Ultimately we want to be able to create reports on all objects and information in our content store.  We want to be able to get information on the reports, frameworks and auditing on our c8 system.  It would hopefully also serve as reporting on how many reports, when were they last used , frequency , how many not used at all in the last year. etc anything that will help us inventory and identify all of our C8 reports/objects etc.  If not in Framework maybe you've done it by using the SDK ?  Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.  :)


Hi Ruxpin,

i see 2 questions.

  1. You like to audit the reports
    The default audit package (samples directory) delivered by Cognos will provide you with information as : who has logged in, logged out, which reports/package were executed and how often, which reports are never executed, query execution time.

  2. You like to retrieve information out of the Cognos content store
    I have not come across a framework based on the content manager and i believe it is not supported by Cognos as well… But more info about the content store tables can be found here:



I have an addition for point 2.

  • You can program a script that can read all objects of the contentstore. But you need java programming experience and Cognos SDK liciense in order to develop such a script. This is timeconsuming and when you upgade the Cognos application you probably have to make changes to the script as well. There are (licensed) 3rd party tools available which you can use for this.

  • In the cognos installation directory you find since version 8.4 some diagnostic tools. With the content manager tool you can see how many reports are stored, the size etc.

good luck!