About The Author

More than 10 years ago, Martijn Christenhusz started the CogKnowHow site. Martijn is a very skilled BI professional and with this forum, he was able to share his knowledge among IBM Cognos and TM1 specialists all over the world.

In time, more and more people started to contribute to this platform and sharing the lessons learned over the years. Professionals from IBM, Quanam in South America, PM Square in the U.S., Sempre in the UK, Infomotion in Germany, and Cornerstone in Australia and Singapore share their experiences to make this platform great.

This forum is built for people like you in the Cognos and TM1 community where professionals can connect, share, and learn from one another. Join the CogKnowHow forum to access all of the following benefits:

  • Ask questions and get advice from analytics professionals and industry leaders

  • Provide answers and share your own knowledge so we all benefit by working together

  • Discuss industry trends and strategies

  • Network and build your reputation as a thought leader