Problems Migrating Reports with Internal Path Names Exceeding 255 Characters

S7S-ERR-0813 Exception encountered parsing IBM Cognos Deployment Manager errors and warning from file: UNEXPECTED INTERNAL ERROR: CDM dump is missing the "PPES.packletLocation" property.

When migrating Upfront content, if the number of characters used for the folder name and report name exceeds 255 characters, the migration fails.PowerPlay Enterprise Server may also generate a core file in the S7_install/bin/ directory.

When path names exceed 255 bytes in length, the IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay Enterprise Server process may overflow a buffer. In particular, you may want to check the length of your paths in the PPSRoot directory. For example, S7_install/ppserver/PPSRoot/...

You are most likely to encounter this problem on UNIX
UNIX usually permits path names of 1023 or more bytes. Windows limits path names to 260 bytes when using the APIs that PPES uses. When using a multi-byte language such as Japanese. A single character can occupy two or more bytes. Consequently, path names can reach the 255 byte limit with fewer characters.

To work around the problem, contact the IBM Cognos Support for a software update to address bug 603523.
you can avoid the problem by selecting to migrate only NewsBoxes containing reports with path names that are less than 255 characters in length. Or rename the report and NewsBox names so that they use less than 255 bytes.