How To: Trace BIBusTKServerMain Memory Usage in Windows

Tracking memory usage by the BIBusTKServerMain.exe process over an extended period of time on a server.

The following steps can be used to trace the memory usage of the BIBusTKServerMain.exe process using the Windows Performance administrative tool.
These steps will log the private bytes, virtual bytes, and virtual bytes (peak) at one minute intervals and log them to a CSV file.
This file can then be opened in an application like Microsoft Excel and can be charted to look for trends in memory usage.

- Open the "Performance" Control Panel under Administrative Tools.
- Expand "Performance Logs and Alerts".
- Right-click on "Counter Logs" and select "New Log Settings".
- Name the log "BIBus Memory Tracing".
- Click on "Add Counters".
- Under the "Performance Object" in "Add Counters" select "Process"
- Ensure that "BIBusTKServerMain" is selected under "Select instances from list".
- In the "Select counters from list" multi-select (Control click) on Private Bytes, Virtual Bytes, and Virtual Bytes Peak.
- Click "Add" and close the "Add Counters" window.
- Under "Interval" select "1" and "Units" select "minutes"
- On the "Log Files" tab under "Log file type" select "Text File (Comma delimited)"
- Click "OK" to enable to logging.