How to replace Cognos Connection text in Cognos Connection

Find and replace Cognos Connection with "your name". This will change the link in Query Studio to "your name", modify the welcome page information and modify the Browser header as well.
File Name: <install location>\c8\templates\ps\messages\portal_en.xml

1) <string id="IDS_PORTAL" usage="hyperlink text, component title text" type="String">Cognos Connection</string>
2) <string id="IDS_WELCOME_COGNOS_CONNECTION" usage="label for link to cognos connection on welcome page" type="Dialog Caption">Use <param name="ccLink" type="string"/> to manage the Cognos content. This includes searching content, selecting output formats, setting schedules, emailing content, and managing saved output versions. Cognos Connection can also be used to define portal pages gathering related content into integrated subject areas.</string>

If you plan to allow your customers to create their own Portal Pages, you may want to change this line as well:
1) <string id="IDS_WELCOME_NEW_PAGE_HEADING" usage="Heading for section on creating new customized portal pages" type="String">Customize Cognos Connection </string>

RSS feed additions:
2) <string id="IDS_RSSVIEW_INTRO_1" usage="Intro text" type="String">This is a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed from Cognos Connection. RSS feeds allow you to stay up to date with the entries that you are interested in.</string>