Cognos Error: CAM-AAA-0048

CAM-AAA-0134 Unable to retrieve information for the user "namespaceLDAP:u:userID"
CAM-AAA-0048 Unable to retrieve the CAMID for the object "ou=organisation"
CAM-AAA-0189 LDAP provider could not retrieve a CAMID.
Please consult your administrator about the namespace configuration and the setting for the unique identifier.
Unable to authenticate the user because the authentication information could not be retrieved. Please contact your administrator.

When migrating Cognos ReportNet to Cognos 8, using an LDAP V3 source for security, the errors are displayed when trying to authenticate. The account lookup is based on the CN attribute.

In Reportnet configuration manager the lookup attribute was missing in one of the containers. Reportnet would allow the user to authenticate. The lookup was done based on the names object.
In Cognos 8 the lookup is done by IDs, so if the lookup attribute is missing or empty in one of the containers in the LDAP authentication source, it is not possible to authenticate.

Add the missing attribute in all the containers in the LDAP source to fix the problem.
Insert or fill the attribute CN into all the containers where this is missing or empty.