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RQP (Report Query Processor) Errorcodes

About the RQP (Report Query Processor) Errorcodes category [RQP (Report Query Processor) Errorcodes] (1)
RQP-DEF-0371 Operation unsupported in forward only cursor mode was used [RQP-DEF] (1)
RQP-DEF-0177 An error occurred while performing operation 'sqlUpdateAttach' [RQP-DEF] (1)
RQP-DEF-0068 Unable to connect to at least one database during a multi-database [RQP-DEF] (1)
README: Purpose of this IBM Cognos Errorcodes board [RQP-DEF] (1)
MOVED: RQP-DEF-0137 Column: ACTIVE_FL (Datatype: kDataTypeCharacterLength16) [RQP-DEF] (1)
RQP-DEF-0326 User defined SQL is not permitted for the user who has the identity [RQP-DEF] (1)