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CM (Content Manager) Errorcodes   CM-REQ

Topic Replies Activity
About the CM-REQ category 1 March 6, 2017
CM-REQ-4220 Cannot create object of type reportTemplate in location Public Folde 2 January 31, 2011
CM-REQ-4034 An error occurred while reading or formatting data in a property val 1 January 21, 2011
MOVED: CM-REQ-4342 An error occurred with the client 1 October 13, 2010
CM-REQ-4159 Content Manager has returned an error in the response header 2 June 16, 2010
CM-REQ-4078 The function "storeID" has an invalid argument 1 May 31, 2010
CM-REQ-4158 The search path "storeID("")" is invalid 1 May 31, 2010
CM-REQ-4029 : Your request does not contain a required search path 1 May 31, 2010
README: Purpose of this IBM Cognos Errorcodes board 1 April 4, 2010
CM-REQ-4036 The object already exists at this location 1 April 4, 2010